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Introducing Anthos...

As a consultancy company specialising in the recruitment and development of human resources, since 1994 ANTHOS has been supporting companies of varying sizes and from very different business sectors to ensure the success of their investments in human resources.

Whether you are an industrial company, a merchant or service sector business, an association, an NGO, an international group or a small business, we adapt our solutions to your projects and plans, to your business and to your market and current situation. Via meetings with your managers, which form the first step in getting to know your organisation, we learn all we can about your business, its specific characteristics, in addition to your unique requirements and constraints, all of which are closely bound with the social, economic, historical and cultural environment in which you operate. Together, we can then set about recognising, identifying and understanding your goals in order to be able to help you reach them and ensure your long term success.

Just like its context, each project is unique. We provide our support within a perimeter which we were jointly define, and which may concern all or just part of the following processes:
- Analysis of the market, identification of profiles
- Selection and assessment of candidates
- Recruitment of highly qualified professionals
- Provision of support throughout their career development

In France, our team and the network of independent partners with whom we have built solid relationships can help you to define your Recruitment, HR Development or Training requirements and then propose solutions to help you meet these. Internationally, we have the capacity to support you through our partners in the Glasford International network, of which we are a founder member. Based all around the world, this network puts each of its members in direct contact with colleagues fully familiar with the local socio-economic situation in some of the world’s leading business regions.

Our key commitment: confidentiality

Each member of ANTHOS is committed to observing total confidentiality vis-a-vis its clients, who provide it with information concerning their development projects, and vis-a-vis the applicants who reveal key information concerning their careers. When discussions are clear and frank, it is far easier to assess both situations and the stakes involved more precisely. These are the conditions in which lucid and judicious advice can best be dispensed.

Excellence through independence

As a founder member and partner of the Glasford International network, like all its partners ANTHOS has chosen to retain its independence.
- Financial independence: vital to guaranteeing the neutrality of our advice and our work to serve your goals. Our financial independence ensures that we are in a position to carry out an accurate assessment of the problems and situations with which you present us. ANTHOS and its partners in Glasford International meets this rule and dynamic.
- Structural independence: A million miles from the “franchisee” model, hierarchical independence ensures that all members of our network are equal in every way to the others. Each member of Glasford International proposes its Executive Search skills in its host country and also boasts an in-depth knowledge of its local economy, for the benefit of the whole network.