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Selecting and assessing applications

When you recruit junior professionals who will need to quickly adapt to your business environments, when your recruitment processes generate a large number of applications and when you exceptionally need to recruit for a large number of positions:

We can propose a “tailored” approach to assist you with your recruitment process.

- Drafting an advertisement based on a detailed Job Description
- Help with establishing the most relevant selection criteria
- Circulation of the advertisement through the selected media/reception of applications – tailored replies and follow-up
- The direct communication of your vacancy details to persons included in candidate databases and to former pupils of chosen schools and universities, etc.
- An analysis of the applications, with shortlisting based on objective criteria
- Assessment by telephone, drafting of interview sheets adapted to the vacancy in question
- Presentation/summary of acceptable applications, containing a detailed assessment of all qualitative/quantitative feedback from the adverts

Among these different stages, you decide which ones you would like us to handle. You maintain tight control over your recruitment costs, thanks to the “one fee per service” based invoicing of our services and have the possibility of requesting additional assistance when you require it.

In short

- Extra help to supplement your own recruitment teams when you require this
- Tailored services
- “One fee per service” based invoicing, with monthly statements
- The possibility to totally outsource your advertising-based recruitment campaigns
- Fast and discreet action to help you find the candidate profiles best suited to your needs, just when you need them
- A dynamic approach, well-adapted to situations requiring a high degree of responsiveness and a short decision-making cycle