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Recruiting highly qualified professionals

Successful recruitment means bringing the right people together… permanently.

Whenever you recruit for your organisation, you are facing a unique situation involving the specific characteristics of the position to be filled, the market situation for the required skills and the situation within your teams at the time of recruitment…
These factors must be taken into account simultaneously in order to “fine tune” the required candidate profile, to adopt the approach best suited to your situation and to ensure that news of your vacancy reaches the ears of as many potential applicants as possible. We are there to help you.

We support you throughout the three key recruitment stages:

- Obtaining an understanding of your project and your situation. Meetings with the decision maker, the operational manager for the position concerned and/or the human resources staff in charge of the project.
- Drafting a well-adapted applicant search programme, and proposing the terms and conditions for our involvement (these are defined at the time we take on the assignment).

Identification and selection
- Identification of potential candidates using methods which we will jointly approve including: direct approaches, “sourcing” from our contacts, candidate databases, networks from Schools and Universities or social networks, etc.
- Shortlisting of applicants based on criteria which we will define with you. Organisation of meetings in our offices with the Consultant(s) in charge of your project. This is followed by an in-depth interview and a personality appraisal or even an Assessment Center. According to your needs, we will advise you as to the optimal combination of assessment tools to be used in order to ensure the best possible chances of success for the candidate in his or her new position.

Help with decision-making / Support with integration
- We present our “shortlist” of selected candidates you validated. Each candidate that you will meet is presented along with a file summarising his career and his reasons for applying for the vacant position, current salary details, salary expectations in addition to any personality-related notes. Before you take a decision as to whether or not to employ the candidate, we obtain professional references from former managers, colleagues and HR departments, etc.
- Help and advice when taking your decisions. Support with the integration of your new staff member including regular contact during his/her trial period in order to provide you with all relevant information to ensure the total success of the chosen person in his new position.

In short

- The direct approach is a highly targeted, effective and discreet approach in which we approach only persons possessing the required skills for the position to fullfill.
- In our regular reporting throughout each assignment, we provide you with contextual information to help you take your decision when making your final choices. (Including the number of people contacted, the number of people selected, the manner in which your proposal is viewed, reasons for applying for and reasons for refusing the position, the state of the labour market at the time the search was carried out, etc.).
- We guarantee any application we recommend to you. If the newly recruited employee leaves during the trial period we will repeat the recruitment process for you… at our cost.