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Assisting staff with their career development

Our work doesn’t end when the chosen person takes up his or her new position. We ensure that the person selected for a position and the company recruiting him/her possess all of the factors they need to make this appointment a long-term one.

For critical activities or situations, we offer our clients the possibility to include the Development Center for the chosen person within the recruitment package.

Thanks to the observation of the key skills expected for the vacancy (skills which we define with our client before the recruitment process begins) by means role-playing exercises and simulations, this methodology is largely immune to all attempts at “acting” or “interpretation”.

In doing so, we help our client to learn more about the person they are planning to recruit, or help the person in question to identify the skills they will need to develop in their new working environment.

This methodology, which we use for the Assessment Centers or the Development Centers (sessions devoted to the selection or the preparation or development of skills), applies in all situations in which the identification of skills and the likelihood of success are crucial, both for the employer (Manager, HR Director, Shareholder, etc.) and for the person applying for the position (internal or external recruitment, mobility, change of operational perimeter or level of responsibility, etc.).

ANTHOS edit no tests. We work in a fully independent manner with the main editors of HR resources, choosing the best tools available in the market for a given situation. The consultants involved are all trained in the use of these tools, and are constantly on the lookout for new products which can be included within our processes.