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Analysing markets and identifying profiles

A preparatory study is an excellent way to guarantee the success of a future appointment.

Whether you are recruiting a Manager, an Executive or a Specialist, regardless of the size of your organisation the result is a commitment both for the company recruiting the person and for the person being recruited. When you identify the opportunity or the need to recruit (concerning either a new position to be created or someone to be replaced) we can carry out a preliminary review which provides you with useful information before you commit yourself to a long and occasionally uncertain process:

- Definition of the “target” (selection criteria)
- Estimation of the number of skilled persons concerned (target size)
- Pay levels observed in the market (estimation of the pay package to be proposed or the “replacement value” where applicable)
- The potential mobility of the persons most likely to interest you (market tension)

As the candidate profiles which would best succeed in your organisation are not always those who have already done the job in question elsewhere, based on this analysis work we will advise you on a redefinition of the target taking account of the realities of the market in question.

In short

- Targeted identification work before the start of the recruitment process, to help you best define your requirements
- Precise and well-documented information concerning the state of the market for the skills of interest to you
- Advice in the preparation of your proposal, in its adaptation to the market situation and to your own situation, to ensure the best chance of success for your recruitment plans