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ANTHOS is a founder member of the GLASFORD INTERNATIONAL organisation, created in 1998 and today present in more than 40 countries. With more than 350 consultants around the world, our network offers an executive search and selection service in all situations requiring international coordination and a thorough knowledge of local markets and situations. Thanks to this partnership, we are also able to propose Assessment and Talent Management solutions.

Glasford International is a Cooperative (Glasford International Coöperatief U.A.) registered in the Netherlands, managed by an Executive Committee elected by its Members. General meetings involving all participants of the Cooperative are held twice a year, enabling the partners to guarantee a high level of service backed by international best practices, and to carry out their own marketing and development activities.
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Whether you are an industrial company, a merchant or service sector business, an association, an NGO, an international group or a small business, our role includes understanding your requirements, your environment and your specific characteristics to help you recruit and develop highly skilled executives and specialists, fully committed to the tasks you assign to them.